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It’s not just about the innovation of better products, it’s about creating an experience.

This is why we gather exceptional talent with various beliefs, perspectives and backgrounds, but we all share one common dream: changing audio for the better. Just one example of this dedication has to be the development of the world’s first web based matrix, which rocked the audio world, forever strengthening our vision of launching inspiring products and ensuring quality comes first.

SourceCon™ technology

SourceCon™ technology guarantees true plug & play implementation for any compatible device, allowing your media player to be tailored to fit any specific application. The wide variation of compatible modules and extensive configuration possibilities allows flexible combinations for any application.

Discover SourceCon™ technology

SlimLine™ grill

Due to its slim design with a very thin border of only 1 mm and a limited grill depth which extrudes from the ceiling surface by only 3.2 mm, loudspeakers with SlimLine™ technology will become nearly invisible when mounted.

Discover SlimLine™ grill


The Linum™ technology is setting new standards in the world of internet audio players. The technology eliminates any unwanted behaviours such as sudden channel hopping, while seamlessly restoring audio streams after power or connection interruptions occur.

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Scroll-Push control™

This extremely efficient way of controlling your user interface is incorporated in AUDAC wall panels, WaveDynamics™ amplifiers, audio players and MTX matrixes. It allows an easy and logical way of controlling volume and more advanced settings such as EQ and source selection.

Discover Scroll-Push control™


WaveDynamics™ is an audio control and processing technology implemented in AUDAC amplifiers. Thanks to the powerful DSP processor that is built in the amplifiers it can deliver effortless control over the most advanced acoustic configurations.

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These high quality loudspeaker connections are treated with an additional conductive Gold plating that ensures the best sound quality and creates the superior connection between the speaker and the audio cable.

Discover GoldCon™


This speaker connector allows a fast and smooth connection to 100V public address and low impedance systems. It delivers a tool-free solution for connecting the speaker to different power taps thanks to its spring clamps.

Discover FastCon™


Loudspeakers that are equipped with the CleverMount™ technology have the advantage of making the speaker cabinet flow together with the mounting bracket providing a great ease for installing the loudspeaker in one good-looking entity.

Discover CleverMount™


This textured paintwork provides a weatherproof and scratch resistant coating. It is specially designed for outdoor applications.

Discover DuraCoat™


This special coating is developed for speaker cones and aluminum grills for an additional protection against moisture.

Discover DuraWeather™


The SolidGrip™ handle is fully integrated in the side of a speaker cabinet and provides a solid grip for moving and carrying the cabinets.

Discover SolidGrip™

AWX5™ connector

he AWX5™ connector is a specially designed connector that prevents the use of extra equipment and adjusting to a speaker system for setting the desired power tapping and maintaining a IP55 waterproof connection.

Discover AWX5™ connector


The BlindSnap™ system allows both placement and fixing from the top side of the mount. No more fiddling with screws on the bottom of the table while you try to tighten them from the top. This blind fixing system can be easily adjusted to any type of table thickness and stays in place without the use of screws in the table. The mount could even be used in glass or thin metal tops.

Discover BlindSnap™


CAYMON’s flightcases are fabricated from high quality plywood panels and use a ProShield™ heavy duty top layer that offers an optimal protection. The Hexagon pattern of this top layer grants an anti-slip surface while keeping it easy to clean. Build from components that are resistant to most commonly used chemicals, the ProShield™ layer will provide a weather and waterproof protection for your valuable equipment. 

Discover ProShield™


Our slide-out racks are equipped with a HexaSlide™ rail system. This innovation is specially designed to withstand heavy loads even when the equipment bay of the rack is fully extended. The unique combination of six, heavy duty ball bearing slides provides a smooth sliding operation for the attached 19” equipment and are cleverly positioned for achieving an optimal utilization of the available height.

Discover HexaSlide™


Our active loudspeaker systems with WaveSelect™ technology are equipped with a powerful internal Digital Signal Processor which gives you the option to choose from a number of programmed presets. Like this, you can always find a preset that best suits your needs. Use WaveSelect™ to optimize your speaker for the task at hand.

Discover WaveSelect™


The SpringFit™ installation system allows installation of the CENA series speakers in a snap. Bend the mounting arms inwards and insert the speaker through the provided cut-out. The spring loaded mechanism will flip out and lock the speaker behind the ceiling surface. Once released, the speaker is ready to use.

Discover SpringFit™


The QuickFit™ system makes the speakers easy to install due to three mounting clamps locking and securing the speaker in place by a partial turn. Permanent fixation is done through tightening these screws.

Discover QuickFit™


The TwistFix™ system assembles the speakers’ grill through twisting. A bajonet type locking with lips on the grill side gets fixed through insertion to slots on the speakers housing and giving it a partial turn. This system guarantees lifetime stable mounting while fixation can be done in a record-breaking time.

Discover TwistFix™


A more user-friendly equivalent for screw terminal connectors to connect speaker cables together. SnapConnect™ is a faster, more reliable and safer choice for fixed installations, accepting solid and stranded wires with sections up to 4.0 mm².

Discover SnapConnect™


The patented SafeLatch™ mounting system guarantees the most convenient installation for the CALI series speakers. The latching arms automatically lock in place once inserted through the cutout hole. This gives the installer both hands available for directional placement and tightening of the fixation.

Discover SafeLatch™


The ClickMount™ technology ensures a true plug-and-play user-friendly installation. This professional system has the advantage of making the speaker cabinet click onto its mounting bracket either horizontally or vertically via a 6.3mm jack connector. After installation, the speaker angle can be adjusted by using the bracket arm.

Discover ClickMount™


TouchLink™ is an ingenious system that can be used for creating virtual zones by linking multiple TouchLink™ compatible devices with each other. In AUDAC Touch™ 2 you can select multiple devices or amplifier channels that should react to the user as one zone.

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Mounting the speaker is done through a connection cable with two integrated steel cores for suspending with an additional drop safety. Fixation is made through two snap-hooks on one end and a dual Gripple™ fixation on the other end. A cable of 3.5 meters comes included with the ALTI series, other cable lengths and colors are also optionally available for purchase (DSC70 and DSC100).

An innovatively designed rear cover of the speaker can be placed after installation and hides the connection and suspension on the speaker end. The ceiling end connections are covered through a cable cover with the SlideCap™ latching system.

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