19 March 2020

Expanding the CPR cable series


We are excited to announce that our CPR compliant Contractor cable series will be expanded with some new audio signal cables and speaker cables. With these new additions, we can now provide you with even more solutions for your custom project. 

Like every cable in the Contractor series, these new additions are compliant to the Cca standards of the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) regarding fire and flammability resistance in fixed installations, minimizing toxic smokes and providing optimal resistance to spreading fire. In addition to their improved fire properties, the outer jackets of the cables are smooth and durable for easy installation and pulling. 

The contractor series range is intended to be used in applications where CPR classification EN50575 is required. This way you provide the safest possible solution to installed cabling. The PROCAB CPR compliant Contractor cable range is now available for use in your custom installations. 

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