20 March 2020

HDMI cables - Optical VS Classic


HDMI 2.0 cables are great for transferring large amounts of data, therefore they are used in 4K@60Hz Ultra HD video applications like home cinema’s, gaming, video conferences and many more. Traditional copper HDMI 2.0 cables do a good job at this, but their length is limited. 

Therefore we at PROCAB offer fiber optic HDMI 2.0 cables for various applications with cable lengths ranging from 10 meter up to 100 meter, both installation cables as well as HighFlex™ armored cables for mobile use are available. These fiber optic HDMI 2.0 cables cover long distances and are the most reliable and fastest data transfer cables. 

Using fiber optic cabling instead of traditional copper cabling results in much lower resistance, because they use light waves instead of an electric currents to transmit the audio and video signals at the speed of light, literally. Furthermore, lossless 18Gbps signal transfer over distances up to 100m is possible. Since the signal is carried using light, electrical interference becomes a problem of the past. This way, the output signal is guaranteed to perfectly match the input signal and deliver stunning color depth, brightness and contrast, even at great distances.

At PROCAB we offer a wide range of optical HDMI cables for both install and rental applications.

Install applications

•    We designed the CLV220A with install convenience in mind. The connectors can be detached to easily pull them through holes and straight tubes. Furthermore, the connectors can be exchanged to perfectly suit your project. An optional DVI adapter is available, increasing its number of applications. 

•    The CLV210A is the world's first entry-level active optical HDMI 2.0 cable. It comes equipped with a smart Semi-Lock™ feature specially designed to up the withdrawal force for unplugging the connector.

Rental applications

•    The PRV220A active optical cables are provided with a military-grade Kevlar and stainless steel armor to protect all fibers inside. Combined with the heavy-duty connectors with robust covers, this cable is perfectly suited for the harshest use and abuse that any rental and road applications can throw at it. 

•    To further increase the ease of use, you can choose the PRX220A, which consists of the PRV220A mounted on a robust but lightweight cable reel.

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