27 August 2020

Live webinar: Meet the MFA series


We are gearing up for the official release of our award-winning MFA series, consisting of a multifunctional SourceCon™ amplifier that offers a true all-in-one solution for countless applications.

To go along with the launch of this all-in-one audio solution, we are hosting a live webinar on the 9th of September. In this webinar, our team will be giving an in-depth presentation about the extensive functionalities of the MFA and how it can make a positive difference in the daily lives of installers and end-users alike. 

About the MFA series
The MFA multifunctional SourceCon™ amplifier is a truly ground-breaking product. It serves as an amplifier, audio source, audio processor, audio matrix and automation system all at the same time, meaning you only have to install 1 device instead of 5. All these functionalities come together in one compact half 19” enclosure.

With its integrated SourceCon™ module slot, you can implement any available compatible module. An optional Dante™ audio network interface allows for the creation of a decentralized multi-zone system in both small- and large-scale applications. 

Want to learn more about what the MFA brings to the table? Then join us for the live webinar “Meet the MFA series” on 09/09/2020. Make sure to visit the AUDAC education platform and discover the exact time slot for your country.

Visit the AUDAC Education platform

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