16 June 2020

MFA series won the BOS award 2020 at InfoComm


We are very proud to announce that our MFA Multi-functional SourceCon™ amplifier has won the InfoComm Connected best of show special edition award. The best of show award is evaluated by a panel of engineers and industry experts and are selected based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry.

Winners receive an award for display and will be featured in Sound & Video Contractor, the definitive technical resource for integrators, contractors, dealers and consultants. The MFA2xx amplifier manages to bring its multi-channel system in a very intuitive and user friendly manner. The all-in-one class D amplifier is compatible with AUDAC Touch™ 2, Dante (optional) and has an integrated SourceCon™ input slot, making it a modular audio source as well. The MFA series is available in output powers of 80 or 160 Watts making it a true versatile one box solution for small to medium sized projects.

You can discover more about the MFA series and AUDAC during InfoComm Connected:


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