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You will find our professional audio installations in a wide variety of companies, organizations and government buildings in more than 80 different countries. Thanks to the wide range and multifunctional nature of all our products, we are able to find a suitable solution for every audio problem.

Bars and restaurants references by PVS

Bars and restaurants

It’s clear to see that music plays an important role in a bar or restaurant. Next to providing the guest with great culinary pleasure, bars and restaurants with PVS audio equipment offer their guest a truly relaxing stay that helps them to enjoy their time more intensively.

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Clubs references by PVS


The importance and the intensity of sound inside a club are beyond compare. To create a vibrant place, where party guests are constantly stimulated in the right acoustic atmosphere, a well-organized audio coverage is needed. PVS offers several audio solutions for a wide range of club facilities, heading from beach clubs to discotheques.

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Concert venues references by PVS

Concert venues

Exceptionally good acoustics for the performance of symphonies, solo acts or opera’s need a surrounded sound which provides the guests the feeling of being totally immersed in the acoustical sounds of the performer.

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Corporate references by PVS


Leaving a good impression on your future partners in the right setting, is the key to success. PVS’ elegant audio installations guarantee a peaceful environment in which productive results can be achieved whilst simultaneously maintaining the design of your building.

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Education references by PVS


A busy auditorium needs a well organised audio distribution, allowing students to attend the classes in the best possible way. When lecturing, a high speech intelligibility range is very important for the lecturer as well as the students. By providing this optimal environment schools/universities can support their students to fully develop themselves.

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Events references by PVS


Audio plays a major role in every event. Not only the music that provides the right atmosphere, but also the public address system and alarm system are of crucial importance for the safe, streamlined running of an event.

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Government facilities references by PVS

Government facilities

From offices, training centres to train stations, a reliable audio installation is a must in high security environments where many people gather. The entire AUDAC product range was crafted with these type of solutions in mind.

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Hotel references by PVS


A hotel not only accommodates different rooms but also public spaces that all have a different need of audio. In the restaurant guests expect pleasant background music, soothing sounds in the wellness, and speech intelligibility is important in the meeting & conference rooms.

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Houses of worship references by PVS

Houses of worship

Most houses of worship are built with a very challenging structure for audio installations. Column speakers are able to provide enough power to cover such a wide area without sounding too loud at short range. Because the sound is focused directly to the listener’s ears and away from acoustically reflective surfaces, these column speakers are able to limit reverberation to a minimum.

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Museums and themepark references by PVS

Museums and themeparks

Have you ever had the child inside you come forward in an amusement park? We have, and to stimulate this thrill during this unforgettable day an appropriate audio installation can’t be missed.

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Retail references by PVS


Hearing is next to smell and tactile sense also an increasingly decisive factor that retailers use to convince their customers. In order the enhance the overall experience during shopping, more and more retailers find it very important to stimulate multiple senses, with our retail audio solutions they make the difference.

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Sporting facilities references by PVS

Sporting facilities

To experience the match even more intense, a well surrounded acoustic coverage is needed. Besides these games, stadiums are more than just sport arena’s. Nowadays sporting facilities are landmarks or showcases of a sports club, it is often no longer limited to sports but reaches to a much larger area. AUDAC has evolved to become the experts in setting the right ambient during your favourite match.

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